My Medical Cookies privacy

What does My Medical do with cookies?

My Medical attracts cookies and then My Medical sends these files to your device through the internet browser after taking the browser's permission to consent and allow the user to save the information on your personal device.

All this is done to help you remember how to order and save your information to your device to ensure an easy, secure and fast purchase.

Cookies work to know the number of visitors to the site and thus help My Medical to provide the best purchasing experience to the user, as well as help to develop the purchase process quickly.

By changing the settings for your browser,you can prevent cookies from being sent.

My Medical users are only allowed to use the information collected on our behalf to help improve the performance of My Medical platform and data analysis to help ensure better service to My Medical customers.

My Medical purchase experience won't be enjoyable if you stop sending cookies.

How to remove or modify the data that has been entered on my medical platform?

If you want to edit the information saved on the My Medical platform, you must enter your account and then modify the preferences or any information in your account on the My Medical platform.

Access your My Medical account and then delete your address and any other information you want to erase if you want to clear your information on the My Medical platform.

Accounts on My Medical may save some information about purchases and searches made through you.