My Medical FAQs

What is My Medical?

My Medical is an e-commerce platform specialized in medical supplies, medical equipment and medical devices that allows the seller to display all his products related to the field of health and also allows the buyer to choose between thousands of products and compare them to choose the best that suits him in the fastest time and at the best price.

Can I sell internationally on My Medical?

Currently, it is only possible to sell within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Is there a monthly fee to display items on My Medical?

There are no monthly fees or subscriptions, so you can easily register a new account according to the terms of use and start selling and reaping profits on the My Medical platform.

What kind of goods can be sold on My Medical?

Items included in the category on the My Medical platform can be sold.

What is the commission value on goods with My Medical?

Please visit the commission's page for all details.

Is there a minimum price for selling commodities?

No, there is no minimum.

Are low-priced items popular with My Medical?

Yes, the buyer likes low price goods.

How to register?

Click Log In on the left side of the My Medic page and enter all the required information.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Click on the Login button in the left corner of the My Medical page, then click on the Forgot Password button and enter your email, and an email will be sent to your inbox. How to reset the password.

How to review and amend the listed products?

Log in to your account, then click on "Manage Products and Offers" and then select "Available on the platform".

I want to classify my item's condition?

The item is classified as new if it is in its original packaging, and you can list used goods on the My Medical platform, but in the place of classified ads, and you can choose whether the item is new or used.

Can goods be listed under pre-orders?

Of course not, the item must be in stock in order to be displayed on My Medical.

Did language use to describe goods?

You can describe the goods in either Arabic or English.

Is there a maximum number of products offered on My Medical?

There is no limit to the number of items that can be displayed on My Medical.

There are no pictures to display my products?

You can contact the My Medical team and they will help you photograph your items.

Are there specific files that I should upload?

The excel file that your inventory contains, the excel is the program that the system can understand, and you can also upload files in pdf format that are related to the Products Catalog.

How to track my order history?

From the main page, from the top on the left side, click on the "Track Order" button, then enter the order code, and all the order information will appear.

Sub-standard seller, what does that mean?

Meaning that the seller is good in one or more of the performance criteria, so he must quickly improve performance.

Performance may be due to delayed shipment, goods not in good condition or problem packaging.

The seller is within the standard, what does that mean?

It means that the seller has the appropriate standards of required performance.

The outstanding seller, what does that mean?

It means that the seller is distinguished in the disease required of him, such as the speed of shipping, the condition of the commodity and the method of packaging, and there are no returns for him to cancel.

The reason for suspending the validity of the seller for sale?

There is an evaluation of the seller during three successive evaluation cycles, if the seller is below the standard for a period of three times, his validity in relation to the sale process will be suspended because this will affect the buyer's confidence towards the My Medical platform, causing a lot of damage to the platform.

Why should I choose the item type when I add commodities and offers, what is the benefit of that?

Because every commodity has a set of characteristics, in order for the products to be raised correctly, the seller must fill in all the required specifications, so choosing the type of commodity gives you a suitable form with the correct specifications that must be filled.

Why does a message appear that the file is duplicate when downloading?

The system detects the vendors 'files upon uploading and makes sure that you have not downloaded the same file multiple times by mistake, which will lead to duplicate offers that do not reflect the real data in the sellers' warehouses, which will likely lead to a decrease in your seller’s performance level due to Requests that you will not be able to fulfil.

Return a product?

When retrieving, the following steps must be followed:

Log in and click on Purchase Requisitions, select the goods you want to return, specify a detailed reason for the return, then choose the refund method, which will be the same as the payment method.

When can the item be returned?

All products can be returned in certain cases within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Can the item be returned after the return period expires?

The commodity cannot be returned after the end of the specified period for retrieval, and in the event of a guarantee, you can go to the agent or maintenance centre for the commodity.

How is the purchase amount refunded?

After the returned product is examined and accepted, the inspection period may reach 8 days from the date of receipt. After completing the inspection process, My Medical sends a message to your email stating that you can recover the paid amount. According to the payment method, the amount is refunded, but if it is a purchase voucher, it cannot be exchanged for a cash amount again.