My Medical Privacy Policy

Registration and membership:

My Medical grants its membership to those over the age of 18 and the member must acknowledge that he is over the age of 18 when establishing a store on My Medical and that all the information and accompanying data are correct and intact.

When opening an account on My Medical, your email address or mobile number, username and password will be requested and so you agree to that:

  • Your password. You are responsible for preserving it. In case it is lost, the transmission to My Medical must be speedy.
  • You are responsible for that account for the member-only, and if a third party is authorized, the member is responsible for that.
  • It is not possible to open two accounts at the same time when My Medical is aware of this, one of the two accounts will be closed.

The existing commercial contracts must be adhered to, whether the user is an individual or an institution, and accordingly, My Medical does not have any liability in the event that the member displays suspicious or stolen products or violates the laws in force according to the Arab Republic of Egypt, then he places himself under the penalty of law and personal responsibility.

The User Must Apply on the Following:

He is over 18 years old. He is the sole owner of the product and he has proof of that. He agrees to abide by all conditions and laws of My Medical and confirms that. All information provided to My Medical is accurate and correct regarding products. Maintaining the privacy of communication information, which includes (phone numbers, mailing addresses, email, addresses). The contact information was not used for any other purpose that would breach the contract between him and My Medical. Maintaining the confidentiality of users' information and not disclosing or publishing their personal information.


  • My Medical maintains the confidentiality of its customer data, but this does not guarantee that it is 100% secure.
  • My Medical's responsibility is to be the link between the seller and the buyer by providing the seller with the information and private data required to communicate with the buyer in order to communicate between the parties to complete the sale.
  • Any actions by any third party, My Medical does not have full control over them, such as the online web pages associated with this site, or third parties claiming to represent the user or other users or traders.
  • My Medical may use the information you have provided to you, in order to provide you with services as sending you marketing messages, so you agree to do so.