My Medical return policy

My Medical returns the product and recovers its value:

According to the My Medical platform, the products are returned according to the returns policy page. Returns are accepted in accordance with My Medical and are subject to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt and also in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Authority.

The following are taken into account when refunding the value of the products:

Product price, shipping fees, discount vouchers applied, the value of the product is refunded by depositing a balance in the account on the My Medical platform, or in the MyMedical wallet, or through purchase vouchers, telephone transfer, bank transfer or any other method that we may determine At any later time.

My Medical Buyer Protection:

To ensure the buyer's protection from the possibility of seller fraud, My Medical has a buyer's protection program which is:

  • The buyer has the right to request protection in accordance with the buyer's protection program in the event of receipt of the goods purchased by secure payment or received goods different in specifications than the one for which it was paid.
  • Buyer Protection Program is a program that compensates the buyer for the value of the goods after the buyer raises a complaint or request a return to My Medical platform within 48 hours of receiving the item with the reasons mentioned.
  • My Medical will verify upon receipt of the complaint about all details and in case it is found that the error is made by the seller, My Medical will compensate the buyer within the site policy.
  • If the product is illegal and illegal, My Medical will destroy the product.

Products Returned to My Medical:

Within 60 days of My Medical, the right to destroy or dispose of the returned product within 60 days of receipt in the event that the seller does not receive the returned product or the buyer refuses to receive it, after notifying the seller through the attached e-mail by the seller. In addition, My Medical has the right to deduct from the seller's account or to claim any fees or amounts that My Medical may incur through the destruction or liquidation of the above products.

Shipping fees for Return Orders:

My Medical will bear shipping costs in the event of a refund due to a product error after receiving the order if the buyer intercepts the product within 14 days of receipt, and the seller will bear the shipping fee for returning the item. My Medical has the right to dispose of the product within 60 days if My Medical does not agree to refund the product while the customer refuses to receive the product. The buyer will bear the product shipping fee and refund fees in case the return is due to the buyer's fault and the product in its original condition is still not opened.

Return policies Return a product?

When retrieving, the following steps must be followed:

Log in and click on Purchase Requisitions, select the goods you want to return, specify a detailed reason for the return, then choose the refund method, which will be the same as the payment method.

When can the item be returned?

All products can be returned in certain cases within 14 days from the date of receipt Can the item be returned after the return period expires?

The commodity cannot be returned after the expiry of the specified period for retrieval, and in the event of a guarantee, you can go to the product's maintenance centre.

How is the purchase amount refunded?

After the returned product is examined and accepted, the inspection period may reach 8 days from the date of receipt. After completing the inspection process, My Medical sends a message to your email stating that you can recover the paid amount. According to the payment method, the amount is refunded, but if it is a purchase voucher, it cannot be exchanged for a cash amount again.