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Belly belt from Better Life Our products are comfortable to wear every day and are invisible under clothes as well. They are designed with high quality materials and will last for years, not weeks.

After nine months of pregnancy you have gone through massive changes, stretch marks, extra fat and loss of extra skin is common, the best abdominal belt, specially designed to help you firm your belly and restore its original shape, will help you improve your figure while providing you with abdominal and back support, recommended for use As support after childbirth, after abdominal surgery or hernia, or when general abdominal support is needed

The abdominal belt reduces pressure and provides excellent support for the abdomen, waist and vacant areas. In addition, it provides a real slimming effect.

Abdominal belt features | Abdominal Belt Better Life:

Stabilization of the abdomen and restore its shape.

Abdominal and back support.

Reduces pressure and provides excellent support.

Provides a real slimming effect.

Invisible under clothing.

It can be worn anytime, anywhere and under all clothes.

Made of materials that do not cause allergies and itching.

very lite .

Easy to take off and wear.

Belly belt sizes:

Available sizes of the belly belt S/M/L/XL/XXL

Abdominal belt uses:

It is used to tighten the abdomen.

It is used after childbirth.

It is used after hernia operations.

Abdominal and back support if needed.

Reduce pressure and provide support to the abdomen, back and waist.

It is used for weight loss.

 100% Egyptian Made Better Life

 Important instructions when using a belly belt

If you suffer from a severe condition or the condition persists, it is recommended that you seek medical advice.

If you have sensitive or sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before use.

Belly belt washing instructions:

Hand wash with warm water and soap and air dry 

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