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Lace Up Ankle Brace is designed to be used after ankle surgeries to promote healing, it used to reduce ankle pain and inflammation, it eases muscle strain and muscle ache.

Ankle support is the best ankle brace that provides compression and stability to your ankle to control pain, edema, swelling, and warmth.

Ankle support provides solid but flexible support to the ankle joint, soft tissues, bones, and muscles.

It provides suitable compression as well as the flexibility to use for a controlled range of motion to the ankle and the muscles.

It is a level 2 protecting ankle support, which means that it provides a moderate immobilization in comparison to the hinged ankle braces, which are used for more severe and specific conditions.

Lace Up Ankle Brace can help athletes relieve pain resulting from the extreme effort and speed up healing from sprains and strains. Ankle support provides maximum protection to the ankle joint for athletes at usual times and stressful athletic events.

Sizes of Ankle support:

S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Lace Up Ankle Brace:

It is made of durable breathable fabric foam with installed light-weighted aluminum parts.

Solid but flexible ankle support.

Suits left and right leg.

The fabrics don’t cause allergies.

Adjustable compression rate (provided with lace).


Lace Up Ankle Brace is used to rehab injured ankle, muscles, and soft tissues of the foot.

It stabilizes the foot with a controlled motion range availability to maintain comfort and ease of movement while wearing the ankle brace.

Stabilization of an injured joint is a great aid for the healing of that joint, it helps to ease the pressure bestowed upon the ankle due to motion, effort, and body weight.

Ankle support is provided with lace to help you adjust the most suitable compression you need to feel comfortable and to reduce the pain, depending on the type of injury, whether it was ankle sprain or muscle strain. You can customize the size.

It can be described as a part of a rehabilitation program after ankle surgeries.

Ankle support is extremely helpful for athletes and sports players such as Football players, Basketball players, Runners, and athletes of the decathlon.

Use Ankle support to provide the ultimate comfort, enhanced healing, stability, and protection to your injured ankle.

Uses of Lace Up Ankle Brace:

Ankle sprains (incidental and repetitive).

Muscle ache and strain.

Ankle fractures and surgeries.

Post-surgical rehabilitation.

Sports protection.

Athletic inflammation treatment and pain relief.

Reducing ankle and foot pain.

Reducing foot swelling.

Stabilization of the ankle joint.

Protect against future or re-injuries.

Benefits of Ankle Support:

Lace Up Ankle Brace warms your ankle providing a feeling of comfort from pain and stress.

It provides compression to control swelling and inflammation.

It supports the ankle by stabilizing and limiting the motion by adjusting the needed compression degree (Lace manipulation).

It helps to protect those who are susceptible to ankle injuries as it can be used as precursor protection.

It enhances the healing of ankle sprains and muscle strains.

If the ankle support is used when the ankle is in pain, it will reduce the rate of repetitive ankle sprain incidents.

It helps stabilizes the injured area when worn after surgeries to prevent re-injuries and to aid motion.

Ankle support is the best ankle brace of level 2 protection.

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