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Gluco Dr Glucometer is a blood glucose monitor.
- Sleek, compact and perfect device that is easy to carry.

- Easy-to-read display with large letters and numbers suitable for the elderly and sick.
- Made in Korea of high quality.
- Measurement of blood sugar level with high accuracy.
- Giving the measurement result of the glucose test quickly in a standard time of 10 seconds.
- Large internal memory that can accommodate 250 measurements with the ability to display the average results for a month.
- Ejector button is available to eject used test strips.
- The ability to add an alarm bell to remind you of five different daily dates to take a glucose test
- The possibility of adding four different positions to each measurement (after eating – after exercise – when feeling tired – etc.)
- Five levels lancing pen to reduce the stinging pain to a minimum.

- Contents of the box:
1- Gluco blood glucose meter in its ideal small size.
2- Lancing pen with five levels of progressive acupuncture.
3- Free 25 measuring tape.
4- An elegant bag to carry the device
5- A catalog to explain how to use the multilingual device.

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