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The Hallux Valgus Corrector Brace is designed to gradually treat hallux valgus.

The joint is constantly immobilized throughout the night to correct the position of the big toe as well as control to maintain a mild level of pain.

It will keep the big toe joint in place, and it will reduce swelling and pain.

The healing process is progressing gradually, it will take its time, but it will eventually heal.

Nighttime bunion corrector brace uses

They are used for cases of Hallux Valgus.

It is designed to treat deformity and curvature of the base of the big toe.

Reduces pain and swelling.

Benefits of the toe corrector brace:

It will correct the curvature of the base of the big toe in the case of Hallx valgus.

It relieves pain and reduces swelling.

This will help not let the condition get worse overnight.

It will make your big toe look natural with regular use.

The nighttime hallux valgus corrector brace is designed to treat hallux valgus.

It is a painful lateral and external deviation of the big toe.

This plastic tool helps to correct the position of the big toe joint.

It keeps the joint in position and gradually improves the position of the big toe.

Nighttime hallux valgus orthosis supports recovery over time.

It is recommended that you use pans that are proportional to your foot for maximum benefits.


S, M, L

Characteristics of the toe orthosis:

The Night Foot Orthotic Brace is designed to be a flexible tool.

Tight and comfortable.

Keeps the joint in the correct position.

The elastic edge of the big toe surrounds the finger for gentle but strong compression.

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