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(Oxygen meter function (Pulse Oximeter

The oximeter measures the amount of oxygen saturation of blood in the arteries by calculating the light absorption of the vascular tissue pulse in two successive wavelengths. It measures the amount of oxygen in the blood without withdrawing any drop of blood from the patient.

It is used to take readings in the following cases:

operations room.

Monitor the patient's condition outside the operating room.

Monitor oxygen levels while giving the patient a strong anesthetic and analgesic.

Knowing the patient's situation inside the house with the use of oxygen as a treatment.

Routine monitoring to ensure that the patient is not at risk of developing hypoxemia

Oxygen meter features

Here are the main features of the device:

Easy to use and read.

The settings on the device are not complicated.

It is safe and does not pose a risk to the patient.

made in China

High quality

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