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This neck helps bear the weight of the head to relieve pressure on the cervical vertebrae and neck muscles, and stabilize the cervical region.

A neck or hard neck brace is made of plastic and is lined with a soft layer of edges in order not to injure the neck and is provided with a scotch tape to expand and narrow it for cases of strong vertebrae pain or neck pain.

Various sizes from M to XXL.

Medical neck uses:

1- It is used to treat neck pain.

2- To reduce neck cartilage pain.

3- Neck stabilization for the treatment of cervical vertebrae fractures.

4- Treatment of muscle and nerve infections in the neck area.

5- Absorb moisture and warm the neck to treat cold bones and muscles, especially in winter.

6- Treatment of neck sprains.

The medical neck Falcon is made of high quality materials that do not cause skin allergies in addition to being easy to put on and take off.

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