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Best Neck Braces Philadelphia Neck Brace is a solid medical collar to support the neck vertebrae, spinal cord and head and is used for more serious neck injuries than just simple pain.

The collar helps reduce neck pain, which can be due to many causes and also enhances the treatment of various neck injuries.

The most common injuries to the neck are:

Cervical spondylosis: This mainly occurs with age. The wear and tear of the cartilage or bones of the neck, causes pain and can be quite uncomfortable.

Neck nerve compression: In this case, the collar acts as a posture corrector, it restores the correct alignment of the neck joints and soft tissues, so that it can reduce the narrowing of the intervertebral fascia that may occur with age, and thus relieve pressure on the nerves.

In Trauma or Accidents: This happens if you have an accident or fall, the trauma can lead to pain and inflammation, and may cause bruising.

General neck pain that can occur due to wrong postures and similar causes.

The neck collar will definitely help relieve pain and support the head and spinal cord, limiting the movement of the neck, allowing it to heal and relieving the strain of the neck muscles.

Philadelphia neck sizes | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

S, M, L.

Neck brace characteristics | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

Solid type neck brace.

Neck fixes.

Provides support and stabilization for the head and spinal cord.

Philadelphia neck price

You can buy a Philadelphia neck from for 520.00 EGP

the description:

Neck braces are a great tool for pain relief and neck stabilization.

Supports the neck, head and spinal cord.

It greatly limits the range of motion to prevent any future injury.

It facilitates and promotes healing.

Promotes postural correction and alignment of the cervical vertebrae to improve recovery.

Prevents compression of the nerves caused by the narrow space between the vertebrae.

It can be very useful in treating infections.

Helps the neck muscles relax and reduce spasms.

Philadelphia neck uses | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

Neck braces are used after surgery.

To compress the nerves in the neck.

For neck muscle spasms and stress.

For inflammation and pain of the cervical vertebrae.

For cervical spondylosis.

Philadelphia neck benefits | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

Neck braces help relieve pain and treat inflammation.

It stabilizes the head and spinal cord, protecting the neck from further injuries.

Philadelphia neck | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

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Philadelphia neck | Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar) is FDA approved.

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