Sonar 2 Probe 4D vinno x1e

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Innovative RF Platform.

Self-defined Measurement including sequence and folder.

Body patterns can be imported or exported in both JPG and PNG formats.

Auto OB measurement – Single click of a button, the system automatically calculates GA and EFW*.

Auto Follicle – Automatically calculates the area and circumference with just one push of a button.

Fast, easy, and accurate automatic measurement of intima-media thickness.

Real-time and post-store auto trace.

Real-time sensitivity adjustment for accurate spectrum trace.

Real-time measurement result.

Preview allows an extended view of the relationship of anatomical structures.

Flexible Display Format.

15-inch high-resolution LCD monitor that rotates a full 180 degrees for enhanced ergonomics. 8-inch touch screen panel reduces physical strain.

Compact transducer connector for easy access.

An 8-inch touch screen panel allows for fewer physical keys and reduces strain from the repetitive button-pushing.

High-quality processors for enhanced powerful performance.

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