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The 1 bar walker is suitable for the elderly and people with mobility problems.

The walker can be pushed and moved left and right without lifting.

Foldable and easy to carry and store.

Its length can be adjusted to suit all lengths.

The height must be adjusted because too much length makes it difficult to move the walker and less length causes back pain.

It has comfortable non-slip handles.

Lightweight and easy to move.

It is made of durable materials that bear all weights and are not rusty.

How to use the elderly walker:

1- Holding the handles of the treadmill and loading the body on them and then pushing it forward, taking into account not to bend the back at that stage…. The treadmill length control feature helps prevent this.

2- Insert one of the feet into the treadmill, leaving an appropriate distance between you and the treadmill.

3- When feeling balanced after that stage, the other foot is moved inside the treadmill

Repeat the process again by pushing the walker and then inserting the feet sequentially.

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